Birthday Party Caterers

When it’s time to throw a birthday party, it’s time to hire the right catering company. If you’re in charge of planning the entire event, then you’ll find out that it can get overwhelming in a hurry. One way to make your life easier is to hire the right catering company to handle all of the food, so you’ll have one less thing to deal with.

Once you’ve hired the right caterer, you can relax and start planning the decorations, games and other surprises. Planning a birthday party shouldn’t be so stressful. You shouldn’t have to worry about making all the food when a good catering company can take care of it for you. In fact, if you hire the right catering company, you’ll have incredible food that everybody will enjoy.

If you’re planning someone’s birthday party, you may need a little help. Here are a few tips to help you with planning a great party.

Start with the Caterer

Before you call a Las Vegas caterer, you should know if there will be any dietary restrictions and how many guests you might have at the party. It’s also important to know if you need kid-friendly options and where you’ll be getting the cake or if you’ll need a different dessert.

Once you have this information, call your favorite caterer and speak to them about the menu. You may want to make an appointment to meet in person, as it could be easier to discuss the menu face-to-face. Plus, you might get to sample a few items if you meet with your caterer in person.

Choose Your Caterer in Advance

Some catering companies can book up very fast. If you want the best, this should be the first call you make when deciding to plan someone’s birthday party. Call and get your date booked and you will have one less thing to worry about.

Cover the Details

It’s important to find out if your caterer will bring utensils or if you need to provide them. You should also find how clean up will be handled and what they might need to make things easier.

Hire a Bartender

Some catering companies will provide a bar and if it’s that type of party, discuss this option with your caterer first. They may be able to refer you to a good bar service or bartender for the party. It’s a good idea to find out what you will be dealing with when it comes to beverages from your caterer first. Even if it won’t be a party with alcohol, find out what they will provide, so that you can make proper plans.

Match the Food to the Theme

If you’re throwing a Hawaiian style party, food matching the theme only makes sense. Sometimes, you want a fancier option, so choosing a few different courses and doing a sit down style party might be best. If you have a theme or a type of atmosphere you want to create, make sure you match the food to the theme.

Order Weeks in Advance

You don’t want to be last minute with your caterer. If you’ve already booked the right company, make sure you place your final order at least a couple weeks in advance. This makes it easier on everybody and you won’t have to worry about the arrival time and all the details. Confirm everything in advance and you’ll be able to make last minute changes, if necessary, without so much hassle.

Have Enough Tables

Sometimes, if the birthday party is rather large, you will need additional tables. It’s important to speak to the catering company, as some will bring their own tables and others will only bring what they absolutely have to have to do the job. Make sure you understand what you will need to provide and rent tables ahead of time, if necessary.

There are plenty of details that go into planning a birthday party. When you choose a good birthday catering company in Las Vegas for your party, you won’t have to stress. You can concentrate on coming up with the entertainment and making the rest of the party a success. Make sure you book your catering company in advance, however, or you may miss out on the best options. For more tips on planning an adult birthday party click here, or for more tips on planning a party for your son or daughter click here.

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