Catering Services

I strive to go above and beyond my clients’ expectations by paying attention to the details, by daring to be unique, and by doing what it takes to make every bite count.

Matt Meyer

At Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services, we consistently use the highest quality, freshest ingredients, offer an array of scrumptious menus, and prepare exceptional cuisine at a price you can afford. Your delight and pleasure are most importance to us! We pride ourselves in preparing extraordinary, delicious meals customized to your desires and preferences. We travel too!

At Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services, we strive for your total satisfaction. To do that, we insist on making everything ourselves and serving exquisite meals fresh and hot from the kitchen.

Other caterers may be willing to box up complete courses and then risk loss of flavor, texture and vibrancy while they are being transported to your location. We are not. At Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services, our illustrious and his staff will shop for and perform much of the food preparation in our own kitchens. But then we go the extra mile. We will come to your home or venue to finalize preparation, cooking, and presentation, so that only the freshest cuisine is ever delivered to your tables. Whether it is a four-course meal for two or a cocktail party for 60, you can be assured that only the finest ingredients and attention to every detail went into your meal.

    • Gourmet Dinner for Four? Each course will be served moments after being prepared, and served to you in courses just like you’d experience at the finest restaurants.
    • Hosting a cocktail party? We’ll be on premises, creating each course from the menu as the night progresses, matching your pace to satiate every palette.
    • Dinner menu for 12 ~ for a week? We can travel to your home or vacation spot and prepare one, two, or three meals per day for your group. Compared to hotels and restaurants, it’s surprisingly cost-effective!

We know that you want the best for your guests, and that you expect the passion and expertise of your Chef to create an extraordinary meal with you in mind. We won’t take any shortcuts. We do it right from beginning to end!

If you are looking for a catering company in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV then please don’t hesitate to reach out to Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services. We’d love to help you with your next dining event!