Corporate Caterers in Las Vegas & Henderson

Whether it’s just a simple lunch with clients or a huge corporate party to celebrate a product launch, the right Las Vegas catering company will make a big difference. The food and drink served will be something many will remember long past the party itself. If you wow your guests with great food, great bar service and excellent catering, it will all reflect well on your company’s reputation.

Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services Excels at Corporate Catering

Before you just hire anybody to handle your corporate party catering, you need to consider a few things. Here are some of the top tips to consider when hiring a company caterer in Las Vegas for your upcoming event.

Consider your Catering Budget

Not all corporate caterers are respectful of your budget. Some are more worried about their own bottom line than the budget you plan to work with for the event. Make sure you choose a catering company in Las Vegas willing to work with the budget you’ve set for the party.

Be honest and upfront about your budget when interviewing catering companies. If they try to sell you far more than you can afford, it could be a sign they are not the right match for you.

Served or Buffet-Style

Another thing to consider, before hiring your caterer, is the type of services you prefer. Not all catering companies can offer both buffet and wait staff service. Most will offer both, but you still want to make sure it will fit with the theme of the event.

A more casual event may fit best with buffet-style, while a more elegant affair will require wait staff service. Make sure your caterer can handle the option you need and will provide just what you want. Some catering companies will even go a step above the typical buffet by adding features you may not have considered yet.

Avoid Boxed Lunches

The only time boxed lunches are acceptable is on a bus trip or during a company camping retreat. Even then, they should be avoided unless there isn’t any other option. If you’re entertaining clients, avoid boxed lunches completely.

Clients, employees and other guests will remember the food, especially if it’s unimpressive. Boxed lunches don’t really impress anybody and it shows you didn’t want to invest much in the food.

When planning a corporate party, make sure the food is amazing. Choose an amazing corporate caterer, like Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services, that will provide more than just something cheap and easy to prepare. Unique and delicious will go a very long way to ensuring your guests remember the food.

Taste the Food Ahead of Time

Good catering companies will bring or prepare something for you when you meet. It may just be a few small samples, but it should be enough to give you an idea of their talent and what they offer. If a Las Vegas catering company doesn’t allow you to taste anything they have prepared ahead of time, how are you supposed to know they will provide incredible food for your party?

Whether you’re trying to surprise employees for a job well done or you need to entertain clients, you must have great food. Make sure your caterer allows you to sample something ahead of time or find another company to work with.

Before you choose the right corporate party catering company in Las Vegas, you need to make sure you know what your budget is and what you want for the event. Some events will work well with a buffet, while others require service. In addition to the food, make sure you consider the drinks and the possibility of a bar. Taste the food before you sign a contract and you’ll be sure to hire a great catering company for your corporate party in Las Vegas.

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