Event Venues in Henderson, NV

Event Venues in Henderson, NV

Throwing a dinner party, hosting a convention or getting married all require the right event venue in Henderson, NV. Without the right event venue, you may not have the party, convention or reception you’re hoping for. The venue makes a big difference and you should choose wisely.

Henderson, Nevada offers several great event venues and spaces you can rent out for your party. Whether you’re getting married, celebrating a milestone anniversary, throwing a birthday party or hosting a work event, you need to choose the best venue for your event. Here’s a look at some of the top event venues in Henderson to choose from.

For Weddings in Henderson

A wedding is a very special time in anybody’s life. You want it to be perfect and the right reception venue will make all the difference. Some of the top wedding venues in Henderson include:

  • The Plaza at Whitney Ranch – A great location allowing you to customize your event, The Plaza at Whitney Ranch offers a classy venue at an affordable price.
  • Prestige Banquet & Event Center – An elegant place to host your wedding reception, this event venue offers great attention to detail.
  • The Terrace – An elegant spot with a beautiful outdoor area, The Terrace is perfect for wedding receptions.
  • Sunset Castle – This is one of the newest and most elegant wedding venues in all of Henderson. It’s the perfect location and offers a place where you will be treated like royalty.
  • Wildhorse Golf Club – An absolutely beautify setting with plenty to offer, the Grand Ballroom offers a touch of elegance for your wedding.
  • Revere Golf Club – With a newly remodeled reception venue, Revere Golf Club offers a great choice for any wedding. The space is large and they offer outdoor sites to truly customize the experience. You can hold your wedding and reception here.

These are the best of the wedding venues found in Henderson and some work well for other events, as well. Need a wedding caterer in Henderson, NV? Contact Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services for all your wedding catering needs.

For Corporate Events in Henderson

When you need to throw a corporate event, whether it’s a convention or an employee party, you need the right venue. You also need the right corporate caterer, so contact Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services and we’ll make you some delicious food! Some of the top corporate event venues in Henderson include:

  • Seven Hills Conference Center – A conference center with room for up to 300 guests, the Seven Hills Conference Center offers a great choice for workshops, parties, and intimate meetings.
  • Henderson Convention Center – One of the top event spaces for corporate events, this convention center offers plenty of space for meetings, banquets, dinners, parties and more. They host several types of events all throughout the year.
  • Wildhorse Golf Club – If you’re holding a corporate golf outing, the Wild Horse Golf Club is a great choice for your event.

There are several other great spots for corporate events in Henderson, NV. However, these are a few of the top spots.

Other Event Venues in Henderson, NV

Along with event spaces for weddings and corporate events, there are spaces for other types of events. Many of the venues listed above will work great for parties and other types of events, as well. Here are a few more great event venues in Henderson.

  • Henderson Pavilion – This is a top venue for a concert or live show.
  • Frozen 75 – A top venue for a party with a DJ and dancing.
  • Del Angel Banquet Hall – A great choice for a graduation party, a wedding or another type of party.
  • Lake Las Vegas – Offers a classy place for a wedding or any other type of event.
  • Courtyard Henderson Green Valley – Offers event space for business events and private events.
  • Eagle Aerie Hall – A smaller spot, this venue works great for intimate events.

When you need an event venue in Henderson, NV, these are the top choices you should turn to. They all provide great choices for parties, weddings and other types of events. Just make sure you choose a venue that will work with your event needs.

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