Say “I Love You” with a Valentine Meal

There’s nothing like it. Exquisite expressions of delicious food can say ‘I Love You’ without your having to utter a word. Even in their travels from taste buds to stomach, morsels of beautifully blended flavors say hello to the heart. Good food and love just go hand in hand.

Take chocolate.

Turns out there are about 380 compounds in chocolate that affect brain chemistry and that, together, help to produce the same feelings and sensations we experience in courtship and love. You could say that it gets right to the heart of pleasure by increasing the brain’s level of serotonin, the feel-good brain chemical.

But chocolate isn’t the only food that is known to spark romance. Oysters are notorious aphrodisiacs. Chili peppers are considered symbols of love with their bright red color and hint of the exotic. The sensuous shape and delicate texture of avocados inspire romance and intimacy. And even honey, a product of pollination of course, is a symbol of procreation. In fact, the word ‘honeymoon’ got its name from a brewed beverage made from honey that was given to a new bride and groom.

But when it comes to food, the language of love is expressed not only in an ingredient or two, but through the thoughtful combination of tastes that blend in just the right way to create a gastronomic explosion of pleasure. Graceful presentations provide delight to the eyes, inviting couples to see the best in each other. And a thoughtful menu sets the pace to enjoy, relax, and be intimate.

What better way to say ‘I Love You’ than with a catered Valentine’s meal?

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