Should you Hire a Catering Company for Your Wedding?

Should you Hire a Catering Company for Your Wedding?

Many brides and grooms go back and forth when it comes to the decision to hire a professional caterer. When you self-cater, you can save money, but it’s certainly a tradeoff. If you’re looking for an answer to this question, you’ve come to the right place.

Hiring a caterer for your wedding isn’t a small decision. First, you must consider whether you can handle catering the event on your own. Second, you have to consider all the other things you will be planning and juggling as you plan your wedding. Finally, you need to consider the budget.

Let’s look at all three of these areas and figure out if you should hire a catering company for your wedding or not.

Can you Handle Self-Catering?

Maybe you come from a big family and multiple people are willing to pitch in. If so, self-catering might make sense, but it may still be too much stress to deal with.

The food at any wedding is very important. It will either “wow” your guests or become forgettable. Either way, you want to make sure you’re happy with the food and how it fits into the overall theme of your wedding.

Self-catering means you not only have to have people willing to do all the cooking, but you also need people willing to handle the serving, provide the dinnerware and clean up after the event is over. It’s a big undertaking and you’ll need multiple people to help you if you choose this route.

Those with larger weddings may not even be able to consider self-catering. While grandma’s lasagna may be the best you’ve ever had, cooking it for 100+ guests is a huge undertaking. Caterers have commercial kitchens they can use to cook for larger numbers of guests. If you don’t have access to a commercial kitchen and you’ll have a long guest list, self-catering doesn’t make much sense.

Do you Have Time to Self-Cater?

Not only is catering your own wedding a big undertaking, but it will also take up a ton of your time. If you choose this route, you’ll have to plan the menu, buy all the ingredients, cook everything, present everything, serve it all and clean up after the event. It takes a small army to handle these tasks for any group over about 50 people.

Consider all the other things you have to plan leading up to your wedding day first. You have to book the venues, plan the flowers, choose dresses, choose tuxes/suits, plan transportation, create a guest list, send out invitations, plan the decor and so much more. Do you really have time to handle the catering, too?

In addition, on the day of your wedding, if you self-cater, you’ll likely be worried about the food all day long. What if something burns or doesn’t turn out correctly? Do you have enough ingredients to make a backup or will some of your guests go hungry?

What if you have a vegan or a gluten-free guest? Can you accommodate special dietary requests?

Before you decide to self-cater or hire a catering company for your wedding, you must first consider all of these questions and so much more.

What’s Your Budget?

Often, brides and grooms considering self-catering have a tight budget. They think it will save them money to handle the food themselves. It may save a little bit of money, but you will pay dearly in time.

Before you make the decision, consider the cost of both. If you’re working with a tight budget, you can always have your reception start a little later and just do an appetizer and cocktail hour instead of a full meal. Just make sure your guests are informed on the invitation and in the program of this decision so they can eat in between the ceremony and the reception, if necessary.

Sometimes, it seems like self-catering will save you money, but it ends up costing about the same. Catering companies get discounts on ingredients due to bulk orders and they also have a team of people working for them. This means they can cook everything fresh, the day of the event and do it for a fair price, in most cases.

If the budget isn’t a concern, hire a catering company for your wedding. You will have one less thing to worry about and you won’t have to waste so much time organizing family and friends to help with the catering tasks.

Your wedding day is a day for you and your new spouse to celebrate with family and friends. You shouldn’t have to worry about the food or a relative cooking all day that should be celebrating with you. Instead, hire a professional wedding caterer like Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services for your big day and let an experienced professional handle it. Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services offers catering services for Las Vegas & Henderson. Contact our staff by phone (702) 263-0136 to get started.