Top Mistakes Catering Companies Make

Top Mistakes Catering Companies Make

Catering companies aren’t perfect. It’s very possible they will make a mistake or two at your event. Even the very best catering companies with the best reputations will make mistakes from time to time.

Catering is a stressful type of business and companies live and die by their reputation. Younger catering companies may still have mistaken to make and learn from, while a more experienced company may have been through these mistakes before.

When you’re considering hiring a catering company for your event, it’s a good idea to be aware of some of the common mistakes catering companies make. Here’s a look at just a few of the top mistakes you may run into.

Too Much or Too Little Food

Probably the number one mistake made by catering companies is preparing too much or too little food. The food supply needs to be right or you could be paying for more food than you need. On the other hand, if there isn’t enough food, you may have guests without a meal.

The success of your event hinges on the ability to serve all guests an adequate portion and keep them satisfied. The last thing you need is your catering company not preparing enough food. Making sure there will be enough food requires some expertise and experience in catering.

It’s best to choose a catering company with experience in the type and size of the event you’re holding. If you hire a company with plenty of experience with preparing food for 100 guests, but you need food for 500+ guests, you may not get what you want. However, if you hire a company with experience in providing catering services for events with 500+ guests, they will have the skills and expertise to better estimate the amount of food needed.

The length of the event also needs to be considered into the amount of food your catering company prepares. When guests are attending a day-long event with a box lunch, they may come into dinner with a larger appetite. An experienced caterer will know this and will be able to make sure there is plenty of food to feed everybody.

Choosing to Use Lower Quality Ingredients

It’s not uncommon for some catering companies to use lower quality ingredients to cut costs. This isn’t a good thing for those attending the events. They may even sell you on the idea that you will be getting higher quality food, yet use lower quality ingredients trying to pass them off as higher quality ingredients.

It’s not only a dishonest mistake some caterers make, but it could also put your event in jeopardy. When you hire an experienced and trustworthy catering company, all the details, including the ingredient quality, will be discussed and agreed upon ahead of time. This helps to ensure there are no surprises.


A very common complaint against many catering companies is not having enough staff for the event. This may lead to meals coming out cold, food not arriving on time, other portions of the event being delays, drinks running empty and other issued. A short-staffed catering company won’t give you the experience you want for your event at all.

Even though this seems like an easy mistake to fix, hiring enough staff costs money. Catering companies often hire only what they actually can afford instead of the staff they need for the event. Without enough staff, your event will likely be what suffers, not the catering company.

Along with not hiring enough staff, sometimes, this mistake includes inexperienced staff. The catering industry has a high turnover rate and new staff members must be properly trained of they may not be of much use at your event.

Lack of Sufficient Preparation and Cleanup

An inexperienced catering company will likely make the mistake of not preparing well enough or cleaning up well enough after the event. This can cost you dearly as you probably have a certain timeframe to hold your event and clean up. You may also only have a few hours before the event starts to get into the venue and get set up.

If you hire a catering company that makes this common mistake, your even will likely suffer. It could throw off all the timing, along with causing food safety concerns. If the food isn’t served at the right temperature, it could become dangerous and fall below the health standards.

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Instead of just choosing a catering company based on their promises to you and the price, make sure you choose a company with experience. Not only should the catering company you hire have experience with catering, but they should also know how to work an event similar to yours. Ask for references and do your research online to find out how good or bad the catering company is before hiring them.