Wine Pairing Ideas for a Dinner Party

Wine Pairing Ideas for a Dinner Party

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When you throw a dinner party, you need a few things. One of those things is great food, but it doesn’t really feel the same if you don’t pair a wonderful wine or two to go with the food. In fact, the best dinner parties feature a wine pairing for each course from appetizer through to dessert.

If you want to throw a great dinner party, you need the right wine pairing ideas. Here’s a look at some of the best wine pairings you can choose from for your dinner party.

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Grenache

Since the Grenache is a full fruit wine with a lush flavor, it’s a great choice to pair with pan-roasted chicken. When you hold a dinner party with a bit of a harvest theme, including the Grenache wine will fit well.

Lasagna with a Southern Italian Red

Maybe you’re throwing a dinner party and serving a delicious lasagna dish. When you compare this type of dish with Southern Italian reds from areas, such as Puglia and Campania, you’ll be glad you did. There are some many great reds that go well with Lasagna, but adding a good Italian red will fit well with the overall theme.

Baked Salmon with an Oregon Pinot Noir

Oregon tends to be a wine region that is often under-rated. However, some amazing wines are coming out of this area and they pair well with several dishes. If you want to serve Baked Salmon with lemon and thyme flavors, pair it with a Pinot Noir from Oregon.

Prime Rib with Cabernet

A classic pairing perfect for any dinner party, if you serve prime rib, consider pairing it with a robust Cabernet. The king of reds belongs with the king of beef if you want to make everybody stop, become silent and concentrate on their meal.

Braised Short Ribs with a Big Cabernet

A big cabernet fits well with many different red meat dishes, however; it goes very well with braised short ribs. It doesn’t really matter which cabernet you choose, as long as it’s big, bold and ready to please.

Salad with Blue Cheese with Off-Dry German Riesling

Maybe your first course will be a salad with a salty and stinky blue cheese. If so, you can pair this wonderful dish with an off-dry German Riesling. This will give you the perfect choice to counter-balance the sweetness without giving up that fat-cutting acid.

Grilled Ribs with a Zinfandel

A red Zinfandel goes well with the smoky flavor of grilled ribs. When you decide you want to serve grilled ribs as an entree or appetizer, you want to choose a wonderful red Zinfandel to pair with this smoky meat.

Other great wine pairing ideas for a dinner party include:

  • Sparkling wine with light appetizers
  • Grilled Steak with a Tuscan Sangiovese
  • Roasted Chicken with a Rich Chardonnay
  • Goat Cheese with a Loire Valley Sauvignon Blanc

Other great ideas you can incorporate is a blind tasting of all the same grape, such as a Syrah. With a blind tasting, you can serve several dishes that pair well with the same type of wine and announce the vineyard and vintage once everybody has had a chance to try the pairing.

Of course, there are plenty of other great pairings. The best way to choose from the wine pairing ideas for your dinner party is to try them ahead of time. If you’re working with a caterer in Las Vegas like Matteo’s Gourmet Food Services, ask to try the wines with the dishes ahead of time and find out if you enjoy the pairing. Our dinner party catering service is one of the best in Las Vegas!